Free entrance spas close to the Country House

  • San Casciano dei Bagni | 72 Km away

    san casciano dei bagni

    San Casciano dei Bagni is a small spa resort built on a panoramic hill on the Southern bottom of Mount Cetona. The countryside in this area is beautiful, quiet and relaxing, surrounded by greenery and by woods covering all the hills. The water temperature at spring in the big pool is 41°C. Water fills in two big stony pools where it is easy to find groups of people. Because of the very hot temperature of the water, this place is particularly busy during fall, spring and winter. Water composition has high quantities of sulfates, magnesium, calcium and fluorine. It is recommended for the respiratory system, the locomotive system and the gynecological system.

  • Bagno Vignoni | 78 Km away


    Some of the most fascinating landscapes you can see in the province of Siena are located in Val d'Orcia. This valley is characterized by postcard landscapes, vineyards among the best in the world, medieval villages and imposing monasteries and abbeys that create a perfect alchemy with the territory. On this beautiful background you can see the medieval village called Bagno Vignoni, which was built around the pool, with a small church, a few houses and small shops. This village doesn’t have a central square, which was replaced with a large pool in the 16th century that is filled with water coming directly from the source. In the evening it is possible to see a fascinating atmosphere: the steaming water creates a sort of mist that makes this place even more magic and fantastic. Water temperature at spring is 52°C and is enriched with bicarbonate-sulfate-alkaline-earthy hyper thermal water, and is used both for baths and muds (recommended for arthrorheumatic and neuralgic diseases), and for inhalations and irrigations (recommended for otorhinolaringologic and gynecologic inflammations).

  • Bagni di San Filippo | 86 Km away

    bagni di san filippo

    The heart of Val d'Orcia at 524 m a.s.l. keeps one of the most beautiful spas called Bagni San Filippo. White waterfalls, apparently made of ice, that shines like crystals in the sunlight piercing among the tree crowns; high and though stalactites and stalagmites among waterfalls forming, just a little below, small steaming whitish lakes. Cyanobacteria (also known as blue-green algae), yellow sulfur and other minerals add a hint of color to the immaculate white of calcium carbonate deposits on the travertine structure. This water contains sulfides and is lacking in oxygen. The deposits on travertine create terraces, waterfalls and pools. The water in Bagni San Filippo has a temperature at spring of 52°C and is classified as sulfereum-sulfate-bicarbonate hyper thermals. It is recommended to treat neuro-skeletal diseases, ear nose and throat disorders, respiratory and skin diseases.

  • Terme di Petriolo | 121 Km away


    The first news about Bagni di Petriolo date back to 1230. In 1404 the fortification around the spas was built. It is the only example of fortified spas of the Republic of Siena that has been preserved, with its walls and the tower still visible. Famous for the healing properties of their sulfureous water, a lot of important personalities of the past used to go to Bagni di Petriolo: members of the Medici family and of the Gonzaga family, cardinals, dukes and even Pope Pius II. Petriolo’s water temperature at spring is 43°C. The strong sulfur smell coming from the water, which springs along the edge of stream Farma, is due to the high quantity of sulfurated hydrogen. This gas has main therapeutic effects on respiratory diseases. Thanks to its high mineralization and temperature, the water of has been defined as rich in salts, sulfureous, hyper thermal. It belongs to the category of sulfureous – sulfate – bicarbonate – alkaline - earthy hyper thermal water in the general classification of thermal water.

  • Terme di Saturnia | 138 Km away


    The so-called "Cascate del Mulino" in Saturnia are probably the most famous free spas in Italy. They are real sulfureous waterfalls and are fed by thermal stream Gorello, which flows up to river Stellata and has created over time natural calcareous pools, where it is possible to bathe even in the winter to take advantage of the precious therapeutic properties of this water. The temperature at spring is 37°C and the rate of flow is about 800 liters per second. This water is described as sulfureous, carbonic, sulfate, bicarbonate-alkaline, earthy, with sulfurate hydrogen and carbon dioxide. There are 2,79 grams of dissolved mineral salts per liter. Thos thermal water has strong healing properties thanks to the presence of "thermal plankton". Different diseases and pathologies are treated at Terme di Saturnia: arthropaties, skin diseases, digestive disorders, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory inflammations treated with inhalations.

  • Terme di Venturina | 216 Km away


    These spas were already known by the Etruscans and the Romans, who really appreciated the healing properties of this water. Today Venturina is a nice town located along the Via Aurelia, only 9 km away from San Vincenzo. There are lots of shops, restaurants and meeting points. Known in the past as "Aquae Populoniae", the water of this thermal spring contains sulfur, alkali and earth, and flows from two different places at a temperature of 36°C.