Marilena la Casella Manifesto

The best way to get to know us is through our values, and products that come from our origins and our past. It is these values that drive us to improve and to provide you with a relaxing stay, as well as long-lasting memories.

1. Time
We believe in the weather, which seems to have no master, but marches to the beat of its own drum and changes from night to day, which is integral to help buds to blossom into flowers and seeds give fruit, that which is still alive in traditional areas; if we do not listen to it we cannot prosper.
2. Nature
We believe in nature, in the soil, in its gifts of produce, in its boundless knowledge from times long past. Even if one person does not take the time to respect nature, its strength shall previal. We respect the environment and the harmony in which all things coexist.
3. Freedom
We believe in the freedom to walk barefoot on the grass, to savour just-ripe fruit, to express your emotions without fear of what others may think; the freedom to do things when we like, in this unique space, far from the daily rush and the obligations that life imposes upon us.
4. Quality
We believe in quality, just like the quality of the produce from our soil. We believe in quality of live attainable when our bodies and souls are perfectly in harmony with total well-being, a conscious inner peace achieving conscious inner peace. Marilena la Casella is the place where you can find this balance and heal your body and mind.
5. Semplicity
We believe in the simplicity and authenticity of old things, of traditions that are often laid aside. In Marilena la Casella, we want to rediscover and dedicate the same importance to them that they once had. Little things in life are important, like knowing how to see the world through a child's eyes.
6. Tradition
We believe it is important to value the food and the produce we gather from our soil, the family recipes that are passed down the generations and change perfectly to meet people's demanding standards. They are born out of love and simple ingredients, pure and cultivated by us.
7. Love
We believe in being passionate about our work, for those simple, pure things, we believe in the love that sets everything at play, which, finding itself is then reflected and becomes… Marilena la Casella