Natural parks close to our Country House

  • Lake Trasimene Park | 15 Km away

    parco del lago trasimeno

    This park, characterized by a lake and green hills and all the human activities related to this territory, is an irreplaceable area where migratory birds usually stop and a vital place of important species of fish. This landscape has been often reproduced on the paintings of many artists of the 15th century. Its delicate hydrologic and biologic balance has always led men to safeguard this territory to protect its incredible resources.

  • Mount Cucco Park | 68 Km away

    parco del monte cucco

    Mount Cucco (1566 m) stands over the Apennines. The mountain side belonging to Umbria widens up to the Via Flaminia, where some important parts of this ancient Roman road are still preserved. It is considered the “womb of the Apennines” with a complex subterraneous system, karst phenomena, underground water that feeds civil waterworks, mineral sources and merges with river Sentino. Many fossils have been found here and woods are still unspoiled. This is the ideal park for mountain sports: sailplane, speleology and cross-country skiing.

  • Mount Subasio Park | 70 Km away

    parco del monte subasio

    The mystic atmosphere in the heart of Valle Umbra is due to the presence of the Franciscan movement. Mount Subasio divides and joins at the same time, like a natural frame, the historic towns of Assisi, Spello and Nocera Umbra. The Park is a natural door to enter history, nature and culture melting in Subasio and Assisi.

  • Colfiorito Park | 102 Km away

    parco del di colfiorito

    A boundless plateau keeps incredibly valuable characteristics: the homonymous marshland gathering rare species of flora and trees and housing water birds, gastropods and amphibians; Mount Orve and its prehistoric fortified village called “castelliere”; and the archaeological finds of the Roman city of Plestia. The unspoiled landscape of this karst plateau and hills is typical of the history of the rural civilizations living in the Apennines.

  • Tiber Fluvial Park | 122 Km away

    parco del tevere

    The Big River and its history: in the middle the hill of Todi; then the so-called gola del Forello, the fortresses of Prodo and Titignano; then the lakes of Corbara and Alviano, an irreplaceable location for migratory and sedentary birds. All around them huge unspoiled woods of oaks and holm oaks and close to the river the archaeological finds of Umbrian, Etruscan and Roman Times; finally the castles and ruins once belonged to soldiers of fortune.

  • Sibillini Mounts National Park | 143 Km away

    Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini

    A mountain range standing in the heart of Italy with the highest top of Mount Vettore (2.476 m). A territory where the magic of nature, the history and local culture contributed to define a unique environment. The Sibillini Mounts National Park (over 70.000 hectares) was created in 1993 in the territory of famous Sibyl in order to protect the environment, promote a sustainable socio-economic development and improve the accessibility to the “park for everyone”. Wolf, golden eagle, peregrine falcon and many local species show a great diversity and biological richness that determined an old and evocative world, together with the fascination of abbeys and medieval towns placed like a crown on this mountain range bottom. Here time seems to have stopped to pay its honors to such a beautiful place.